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Therapist and counsellor at Wings To Fly Counselling
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talk therapy for anxiety, depression, and self-esteem

Welcome to our shared space of healing and personal development, where your mental wellness journey is deeply respected and carefully fostered. I am Joe White, the dedicated psychotherapist behind this Stratford, Ontario-based private practice, offering expansive online talk therapy services across the province.

Offering online and in-person talk therapy to improve your mental health

talk therapy

Licensed Psychotherapist in Stratford and across Ontario

Embracing the Power of Talk Therapy

My enthusiasm for counseling is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the profound impact of heartfelt dialogue. As a licensed psychotherapist, I consider it a privilege to accompany you on your journey through various life challenges, utilizing talk therapy. This approach transcends mere conversation; it is a co-creative venture towards uncovering your innate strengths, gaining deeper emotional insight, and building resilience.

The mental health care landscape is vast and varied, featuring a spectrum of professionals from social workers to psychologists and psychiatrists, each offering their unique brand of care. My practice is grounded in a solid foundation of counselling psychology, supported by my affiliation with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). This background equips me to deliver compassionate, research-backed therapy, focusing on psychotherapeutic methods rather than medication or medical diagnoses.

Specializing in Transformative Healing

My specialty areas, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), are more than just clinical interests—they are driven by a genuine passion for facilitating deep, empathetic healing. Whether you're navigating the complexities of loss and grief, battling anxiety or depression, or seeking to enhance your self-esteem, my approach is always personalized to meet your unique needs.

Every individual's journey is distinct, and my therapy practices reflect this diversity. I integrate a wide array of theories, models, and cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to ensure our sessions resonate with your specific life experiences, all within a context of cultural sensitivity and ethical integrity.

Sailboat-Navigating the Path Together

Navigating the Path Together

Starting therapy is a significant step towards nurturing your mental health. Although my psychotherapy and counseling services are not covered by OHIP, many employee benefits plans do provide coverage. I encourage you to investigate your plan's specifics, and I'm here to assist you in navigating your options.

Your Invitation to Begin

You deserve a space where your story is listened to and valued. Whether you're in search of clarity, peace, or a path forward, I am ready to journey with you. Within the safe confines of our therapeutic relationship, we will embark on a path of exploration, healing, and growth.

I warmly invite you to initiate this conversation—a first step towards a more satisfying and empowered existence. Together, let's unlock the transformative potential of therapy.

To learn more or to book a session, please reach out to me. Let's set the course for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Counsellor and therapist, Wings To Fly Counselling.
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