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Self Esteem Building at Wings To Fly Counselling

Offering online self-esteem building and counselling for all of Ontario.

self-esteem building

Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario counselling and therapy services.

What is self-esteem?

Online Self-Esteem building in Kitchener-Waterloo and all over Ontario

Self-esteem is how we view our own personal self-worth or value. In other words, how much we like ourselves. Someone with a healthy self-esteem believes themselves to be worthy of love and respect and will reflect that to others. They also know that if that love and respect isn’t met, they can move on until they find something that meets those needs. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in their own self-worth and may find themselves believing that they don’t deserve love and respect, they are unwanted, and overall, nothing will go their way, which is a natural part of life. Self-esteem impacts our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It affects not only our relationships with ourselves but also with others. Self-esteem can change over time. When we fall ill or suffer a loss like a job or a partner, we tend to blame ourselves. Those with a healthy self-esteem can be resilient and rebound to think positively about the future. In contrast, low self-esteem can make it difficult to cope with those life challenges and are at high risk of depression.

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Online self-esteem and confidence counselling at Wings to Fly Counselling.

Low self-esteem can come across as feeling worthless or meaningless, incompetent or inferior, unloved or generally unwanted or disliked. Those with low-self-esteem may feel the need for others’ approval and opinions or they may have anxiety about being disliked or rejected. They may feel self-critical or critical about others, and they may be afraid to make mistakes. Individuals with low self-esteem may feel the need to stay in a relationship even though the love and respect they deserve isn’t reciprocated. 

self-esteem and confidence counselling at Wings to Fly Counselling.

The good news is Wings to Fly Counselling can help those in the Kitchener-Waterloo region who are experiencing low self-esteem. Working together on changing your beliefs, behaviour and how you think about yourself can help increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. We will first look at ways to develop your own self-care and then work on resolving those past issues that have brought that self-esteem down. The first step is to reach out and seek that help.

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