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Wings To Fly Counselling. Offering online counselling service in Kitchen-Waterloo.
Wings To Fly Counselling. Online counselling for all over Ontarion.

Life's journey can be filled with choices, dreams, and sometimes despair. If you've struggled with trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, or felt overwhelmed, know that you're not alone. At Wings to Fly Counselling, I offer a safe, supportive space in Stratford, Ontario, with online options for those across Ontario. I specialize in mental health therapy and counselling and use techniques like EMDR and CBT to help you heal.

My approach is about you. We will work together, using mindfulness, self-compassion, and personal growth strategies, so you can overcome challenges and thrive. I believe in kindness, support, and your inner strength.

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Stratford Mental Health Therapy and Counselling

wings to fly counselling

Wings To Fly Counselling. Kitchener-Waterloo Online Counselling.

If you're struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, or grief, you're not alone. A Stratford-based therapist provides compassionate care in mental health therapy and counselling, including EMDR and CBT, in-person and online across Ontario.

courage. compassion. success.

Online Counselling in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario. courage, compassion, success.
Online counselling Ontario

online therapy:

Wings to Fly Counselling offers online therapy and counselling sessions over the telephone or via secure online video conferencing. With the recent changes that have occurred, virtual counselling has become much more popular.

CBT and EMDR Therapy in Startford

my approach:

Catering to you is my goal. I work with certain evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I will utilize whatever model it takes to ensure you receive the best support.

anxiety, depression and grief counselling in Stratford

treatment area:

People seek therapy and counselling for a number of reasons like anxiety, depression, grief or low self-esteem. Whatever the case, we will work together to develop the skills needed. Therapy should be regarded as a healing process for your brain.

about me

Joe White

Registered Psychotherapist

Life can certainly steer you into the most unusual paths. I feel that my life has led me through the most amazing adventures and eventually got me here today. I am currently a Registered Psychotherapist. I graduated with a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, and I also hold another master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, which helped develop my skills as a teacher at a post-secondary institution. Prior to that, I lived overseas in Asia and Europe teaching and helping.

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