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Wings To Fly Counselling Blog Article
Wings To Fly Counselling Blog Article
  • Joe White

Going back into the Classroom

Updated: May 7, 2021

The biggest challenge at the moment for all is COVID 19.

I can see that being a huge challenge for teachers, parents and students. So, let’s look at the anxiety of going back to work. If I were going back to school as a teacher, there would be so much panic going on, but realize that you’re not alone. Your co-workers are feeling the same way and chances are the parents are feeling the same way. The important thing is to breathe, observe and communicate. Breathing is important to bring down that anxiety. Observe your surroundings; be aware of what your students are doing or what your co-workers are doing. Communicate with all about your thoughts and feelings. Tell people that you’re scared, and chances are they will say the same thing. Then you can work together to try and get through the year. Remember that you are the one that controls your actions. If you see that hammer swinging towards your hand, you can choose to move it or not. You have control of your actions. If that child comes up to you to give you a hug, it’s your choice to embrace that hug in fear or stop the child and explain to them that it’s inappropriate at these times to give hugs

Worry is a form of coping. It’s an unhealthy form of coping, but our brains are basically warning us that there’s something wrong. However, the problem is our brains don’t know if the worry is because of the something that is going on now or if it’s a prediction of the future. Worry causes anxiety and anxiety causes panic. So it’s our job to bring that worry down the best you can and explore what you know and what you can do.

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