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Therapist and counsellor at Wings To Fly Counselling
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Offering online talk therapy to improve your mental health for all of Ontario.

therapist and counsellor

Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario counselling and therapy services.

talk therapy

What is a therapist or counsellor?


Many have asked about the role and responsibilities of a counsellor.  Well, first I’m going to explain that a counsellor or psychotherapist or therapist offers “talk therapy”. This approach is to develop a rapport and work together to improve your overall mental well-being. 


There are different types of mental health providers who offer support. A mental health provider can be a social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist. The differences between each provider are based on the training and standards prescribed by professional bodies that regulate these professions. In addition, each providers method of treatment may vary.

My profession is a psychotherapist. This means that I have graduated with a graduate degree in counselling psychology. As a psychotherapist, I am required to belong to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), a professional organization. Being a member of this organization allows me to practice under the title registered psychotherapist (RP) and clinical counsellor. As an RP, I do not have the ability to prescribe medication or make a clinical mental health diagnosis. I am, however, able to provide brief or long-term counselling to individuals, families or groups.

I have been trained in various theories, models and approaches and practice in a culturally sensitive and ethical way. I use the latest evidence-based methods specifically tailored to each individual. 

Counsellor and therapist, Wings To Fly Counselling.

At this time my counselling services provided by a Psychotherapist are not covered by OHIP. Many employee benefit plans cover the services of Psychotherapists and Counsellors; my advice is to check with your plan to see what is covered.

Counsellor and therapist, Wings To Fly Counselling.
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